Aasif Qu’osby

Aasif Mandvi as AASIF QU’OSBY


Aasif Qu’osby loves America.  The America in between New York and California.  The America that knows the difference between Brooks and Dunn.  The America that takes pride in all the different ways we’ve managed to stuff the crust of our pizzas.  You know, Real America.  Sure, maybe America doesn’t always love him back the way he wants, but they’ll come around when they realize he’s “not that kind of Muslim.”  Aasif constantly tries to prove his undying love for America by embracing its symbols, its monster trucks and its prejudices.  Unfortunately Aasif’s patriotic overcompensation has a tendency to backfire as his schemes pretty much always end up embarrassing his wife, kids and his community at large.  But despite his quirks and cultural neurosis, deep down he loves his family and is just as proud of his Muslim identity as his American identity.

Likes: Football, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Fantasy Football (where you trade and manage other people’s popular Fantasy Football teams), apple pie, sweaters, firm handshakes, Stars Wars (the Reagan missile defense program, not the movie), buffets, Captain America, One Direction, and bacon (just don’t tell his imam).

Dislikes: Politicians, cricket (“it’s like baseball but less exciting”), getting up early for mosque services, overpriced coffee, bigots who confuse Muslims with Sikhs, “the rap music,” restaurants without unlimited bread sticks, and Communists.

Aasif Mandvi is an award-winning actor, writer, and producer.  He is the Senior Correspondent on The Daily Show. He recently appeared in the theatrically released feature, Million Dollar Arm, alongside Jon Hamm, and is a series regular in the new HBO series, The Brink, alongside Jack Black and Tim Robbins, for which he also serves as writer and producer.



by the Department Of Under-Cover Homeland Enforcement

I am Muslim, and will take the suspiciousness evaluation
This is a mistake, I am not Muslim
This is a mistake, I am Muslim, but not that kind of Muslim