About Halal in the Family

Why Halal in the Family?

Aasif Mandvi, Sweet 180 Productions, Moore + Associates, Miles Kahn and a team of creatives and advocates developed Halal in the Family, a new web-series to challenge stereotypes and misinformation about Muslims and communities associated with Muslims. It’s a sitcom parody about an all-American Muslim family. It’s also a tool to support existing campaigns to combat anti-Muslim bias.

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Halal in the Family aims to expose a broad audience to some of the realities of being Muslim in America. By using satire we will encourage people to reconsider their assumptions about Muslims while providing a balm to those experiencing anti-Muslim bias. We also hope those Uncles and Aunties out there will crack a smile!

Each of the four episodes focuses on a different challenge faced by American Muslims and communities associated with Muslims. The themes, which were identified by Muslim and civil rights organizations, include surveillance and spying in Muslim communities; online bullying and hate networks; media bias; and the use of anti-Muslim prejudice for political gain.

Aasif Mandvi is an actor, writer, filmmaker, producer, and Senior Correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Over the past eight years he has covered many stories that reveal the depth of prejudice against Muslims. Maybe you’ve also noticed the prevalent bias and misinformation about Muslims in our country?

Unfavorable views of Islam and its followers are at an all time high. Did you know that only 27% of Americans have positive views of Muslims? That’s barely more popular than Congress! Too often the media and politicians only make things worse by perpetuating stereotypes and misinformation, supporting discriminatory policies, and spreading hate-filled rhetoric targeting American Muslims.

Many amazing organizations and individuals are combating anti-Muslim hate through community organizing, advocacy, litigation, public policy and research. But it’s not enough. These groups and leaders are supporting Halal in the Family because they believe in the power of culture and comedy to help shift how people see and feel about Muslims.

In order to change the conversation about Muslims in American media we need a diverse, unified movement of people who are willing to take a stand against anti-Muslim bias. Please watch the episodes, share them and visit the Get Involved page to find out how you can join the family.  

The Team

Production & Campaign Team


Aasif Mandvi/CO-CREATOR, WRITER, ACTOR is an award-winning actor, writer, and producer.  He is the Senior Correspondent on The Daily Show. He recently appeared in the theatrically released feature, Million Dollar Arm, alongside Jon Hamm, and is a series regular in the new HBO series, The Brink, alongside Jack Black and Tim Robbins, for which he also serves as writer and producer.


Lillian LaSalle/ PRODUCER is the President of Sweet 180, a talent management and production company that specializes in the representation of talent, mainly actors, writers/directors and composers. LaSalle has produced several award winning films and is currently in post production on a documentary entitled, My Name is Pedro, which will be her directorial debut.

Sweet 180 Presents Halal in the Family
In Association with Moore + Associates
Written by Aasif Mandvi & Miles Kahn
Co-Executive Producer Chan D. Booth
Executive Producers Aasif Mandvi & Miles Kahn
Executive Producer Lillian LaSalle
Directed by Miles Kahn
Associate Producer: Chris G. Eleftheriades
Associate Producers: Mik Moore & Miriam Fogelson
Co-Producer: Chris Marsh
Casting: Lois Drabkin
Editor: Miles Kahn
Cinematographer: Rick Siegel
Camera Operators: Pat Casey, Lawrence Roman, Sage Obrera
Camera Utility: Charlie Metzger
Camera Assistant/Media Mgr: Vince Rappa
Production Manager: Rashi DeStefano
Production Coordinator: Aiden McClellan
First Assistant Director: Jermaine Sumra
Second Assistant Director: Kenny Willams
Sound Mixer: Rob Ellenberg
Boom Operator/Sound Utility: Sonam Grey
Gaffer: Nicola Guarmeri
Best Boy Electric: Sean Li
Electrics: Kelley Nesper, Peter Vertefeuille, Dylan Kaplowitz
Electric PA: Robert Moxley
Production Designer: Lenny Tso
Production Designer’s Assistant: Nikkiya Burke
Leadman: Miles Engulf
Set Dresser: Jessica Rogozzino
Lead Carpenter: Allan Haigh
Carpenter: Taylor Browning
Art Assistant: Eric Barrera
Hair/Makeup: Joanna “JoJo” Rodriguez
Wardrobe Stylist: Joanie Pony, Courtney Button
Assistant Wardrobe: Alton Dulaney
Assistant Editor: Katie Ennis
Motion Graphics: Michael Hogan
Title Design: Dave Brubaker
Web Design: Adriel Luis
Theme Song Co Produced and Mixed by Flavorlab Score
Post Audio and Film Mix by Greg Arnold for nofat::creative
Publicity Services: BWR Public Relations and Sunshine Sachs

Accounting Services: Stuart Gelwarg & Nicholas Famularo and Altman, Greenfield and Selvaggi
Production Legal: Joshua Sandler & Bianca Grimshaw and Gray Krauss Stratford Sandler Des Rochers LLP

“Just an Ordinary Family”
Performed by Ken Gold & Lillian LaSalle
Lyrics by Miles Kahn & David Javerbaum
Music by Matthew Loren Cohen, Miles Kahn & David Hill
Creative Consultants: Chad Carter, Stuart Miller, Brennan Shroff, Sara Taksler
Production Assistants: Dylan Allred, Mohammad Ali Shan Javid, Alexxis Banschbach, Chris Dale, Valentine Drelon, Youssef Lahlou, Ben Leong, Ian Ludd
Katie Maraghy, Ysef Mars, Rachel Moss, Andrew Nakarni, Lindsay Quella, Brandon Stefanowitz, Jake Wears, Emily Wilson

We Also Wish to Thank
Maynor Alas
APM Music
Atlantic Pictures
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Mobile Video

Advisory Council & Allies

Advisory Council & Allies

Halal in the Family was made possible with the guidance and generous support of these phenomenal partners:
Advisory Council:
ACCESS / National Network for Arab American Communities
Auburn Seminary
Center for New Community
Muslim Advocates
Southern Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)

Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice
Brennan Center for Justice
Institute for Social Policy and Understanding
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ)
MTV’s Look Different Campaign
Shoulder to Shoulder


Supporters & Friends
Halal in the Family was made possible with the generous support of these phenomenal organizations and individuals:
Ford Foundation, Civil and Human Rights Unit
Unbound Philanthropy
Pillars Foundation
Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art’s Building Bridges Program
Rachel Tiven
Norman Lear
Chris & Amanda Wade
Faiza Patel
Jafreen Uddin
Adnan Durrani, Dolores Paoli and Saffron Road

And the 500+ Awesome People Who Donated on Indiegogo, including:
Adeel Ahmed
Jeff Antaya
David Kearns
Jamila Khan
William Langhorne
Amy Mandel
Usman Mughal
Salvia Naeem
Neal H. Patel
Angelica Pogson
Kalpana S Plomin
Sufian Siddiqiin
The Veera Family
Christopher M. Whyland

Special thanks to those who gave of their talent and guidance:
David Abramovich
Deborah Axt
Lara Bergthold
Bonnie Bernstein
Emily Cohen
Rachel Cooper
Jeffrey Chassen
Laura D’Abate
Sarah Early
Negin Farsad
Bruce Gellman
Michael Goddard
Mark Gordon
Marla Haut
Mahin Ibrahim
Sahar Jahani
Mohammad Ali Shan Javid
Mary Kane
Jill Kaplan
Jennifer King
Dean Obeidallah
Christina Papadopoulos
Shaifali Puri
Robert Radack
Jon Stewart
Nina Shreiber
Anna Strout
Sunshine Sachs
Bassema Yousef



by the Department Of Under-Cover Homeland Enforcement

I am Muslim, and will take the suspiciousness evaluation
This is a mistake, I am not Muslim
This is a mistake, I am Muslim, but not that kind of Muslim