Fatima Qu’osby

Sakina Jaffrey as FATIMA QU’OSBY


Fatima Qu’osby is the family ballast.  The American Muslim voice of reason, striking the right balance between her cultural identity and the country she loves.  Of course, it’s a balance that her husband has never seemed to master.  So as the real head of the family, she is charged with righting the ship whenever her feckless, but well-meaning husband steers it into various cultural icebergs.  She has been with Aasif since they met in college and has learned to take the good with his bad. Well-liked by her neighbors and community, she is not just her family’s voice of reason, but the voice of reason for the entire show.

Likes:  Truth, justice, education, her family, her faith, Clair Huxtable, home cooked meals, and her husband when he’s not completely embarrassing himself.

Dislikes:  Her husband when he’s completely embarrassing himself.


Sakina Jaffrey is currently in the hit off broadway play Small Mouth Sounds written by Bess Wohl and directed by Rachel Chavkin. On television, she plays Sheriff Leena Reyes on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow and White House Chief of Staff Linda Vasquez on Netflix’s House of Cards. She was Dr. Hickman, chief emergency room doctor, on NBC’s Third Watch, and Mrs. Chandra Suresh on NBC’s Heroes. Additional appearances include CBS’s Madame Secretary, HBO’s Girls and Sex and the City along with dozens of films.



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I am Muslim, and will take the suspiciousness evaluation
This is a mistake, I am not Muslim
This is a mistake, I am Muslim, but not that kind of Muslim